The Market Place, Final Word…

Last week my email was compromised.

I have a MacBook Pro and knew as an Apple user I was not prone to viruses or malware.

I changed my password but was still receiving umpteen mailer-daemons and mail delivery problems in both my in-box and my spam.

Again I changed my password, making it impossible for anyone to guess but the Mail Delivery Systems  persisted and I was growing agitated.

Some of my contacts had fallen prey to the scam too and I was getting links to malicious websites from them.

My sister-in-law said she’d forwarded my email to her personal in-box to look at later,

“Don’t click on it or open the link…it’s a scam!”

“How do you know?” she asked.

“When I open an email from someone I know and there’s just a blue link sitting all alone on the page with no attendant message I delete it!”

Daughts admitted to sending me links without messages but I usually read the string of words and letters and can tell if where she’s sending me is a valid site.

“Do you read the link before clicking on it?”  I asked my sister-in-law.

“It’s too small…” she said.

“Be careful,” I cautioned as my folders kept filling up with more mail delivery problems.

I called security at my server’s place and was told to change my password and run an anti-virus programme.   He also closed my account out at his end, had me do the same at mine performed some technical magic and sent me a temporary password.

I changed the password with him on the phone…just in case…and it looks as though things are settling down.

All it took were five password changes and the update of a couple of security questions!  Lol!

My OSX is up to date but just in case I booked my MacBook into a Genius Bar to have it checked out.

It passed!

This weekend as the dust settled, I commented to hubs,

“You know, the only new emails I’ve been opening recently are the ones from and you know how skeptical I was about their website and M.O…”

A few hours later hubs read about the heart bleed bug and the .gov website I’d spent days working on!

Was I correct in wanting to slink away with my tail between my legs?

Thanks Obama Care.

You owe me!

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