The Moving of Daughts…

On our way to Daughts’ apartment, to help her move, I said to hubs from my perch in the moving van,

“I’m excited about building our barn home,” in an effort to distract us from the task in hand, to which he replied,

“I’m excited about getting this over with…”

I was right there with him and my muscles began to ache at the thought of all the flexing they were getting ready to do.

But there was no time-travel, just a bumpy ride and the prospect of lots of heavy lifting ahead,


and cleaning,


and a realization that we had to unload it all at the other end,


“I’ll help!” Daughts thankfully said.

In a few, long hours we were unpacking at our flat.

Between us we managed to fit even more boxes and furniture into the already full garage that evidently had expandable walls.

Now it’s over and we’re left with a pretty room,


the enjoyment of having Daughts back at the nest,

an emotional closeness from the sharing of trying moments and,

in its time,

the planning of a Barn Home.

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