The Search for Land…

We’ve seen some places in our travels around the metroplex, which has expanded North and West alarmingly in the last ten years.

We want to be close enough to town, Dallas, for theatre, churches and shopping, but far enough out to build the home of our dreams, a Barn House.  This may not be the home of everyone’s dreams and is definitely stymied by deed restrictions unless we nudge our way out 40 miles or so.

On doing that we come into quite another world.

A world without electricity, water or mains sewage…sometimes without paved roads or firefighters or police.

Hubs said he’ll keep a bucket of sand on hand and a gun…it is Texas after all.

We knew of a place in Anna that had caught our attention and while driving around found a beautiful corner lot of 5 acres with pecan trees and a sign.  We called the seller and were told we could walk the land so we climbed over the fence and fell in love.


To cut a long story short 60% of the land is in a flood plain and the ramifications were far reaching enough for us to walk away.  Why pay for 5 acres when we can only build on 2?

There is a lot of flat farmland out there and because there are no deed restrictions we, and all God’s folk, can build whatever takes our fancy.  Consequently there are trailer homes abounding which I’ve been advised to ignore,

“Look at the land, bulldoze the trailer when you’ve built your barn…”.

Not to be hi-jacked by my stereotypical thinking I tried my best.

There are some decent double-wides, well kept, with four wheelers and chickens in the dirt (my son has chickens so all is good!).

But then I saw this sign,


would you live here?

And is this a Bud Lite tree?


Look closely!

And this yard,


I just had to take a shot (with my iPhone).

“We’re going to get shot with a gun…”  Hubs had a point.

Some of the land was beautiful, but really, I wouldn’t be able to stop my mind from wondering who my neighbor was.

A friend said,

“If you surround yourself with 10 acres, does it matter?”

Heck yes!

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el ray

2015-02-23 16:59:01 Reply

Of course it matters.


2015-02-24 04:29:58 Reply

I hope you have a new podcast soon. I love hearing updates!


    2015-02-24 15:11:37 Reply

    Read about what I’m doing about my show here
    My encores will take you through my first years! I hope you enjoy the blasts from the past while I tidy up loose ends!

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