The Tables Turned…

While in L.A. with our son he interviewed me for one of his podcasts.

He has launched a network and has a few pods up and running and this one is his latest with a working title of Deets and Eats.

(Deets, as in Details)

The premise is there are a lot of people who have fascinating pasts that need to be chronicled and through an informal chat he wants to not only get the parts of their lives he may not know (the details) on record, he also wants to determine (and this is the important bit) whether the person he is interviewing would be someone,

“I would’ve wanted to hang out with!”

The pressure was on and I was the first to take the test.

I wasn’t nervous because it wasn’t my show!

I passed on the snacks because those make a lot of noise, I quaffed my coffee and donned his fancy head phones and sat really close to the mic.


He was such a gracious host making me sound like a Super Mum who helped him become whom he is today, independent, potty trained, able to sleep through the night…


Not!  His current job hours are midnight to 8am so.. oops!! I slipped up there!  But I don’t want to rave on about myself here you can listen to the pod as soon as he releases it!

I dredged up some stories he did not know…a mean feat when you’ve raised someone from birth…and in the end he declared,

“Yes, I think you would’ve been someone I’d’ve hung out with at my age!”

I begged to differ reminding him that at 29 I had stars in my eyes about a new baby and could talk about nothing but diapers, sleep deprivation, bottles (of formula) and make goo-goo-gah-gah eyes at infants!  I suggested I would have been better company at aged 23 when I was power boat racing and owned a seasonal bar in Guernsey!

He laughed.

During the conversation I did realize one thing though.

My parents always defended how they raised me by using this turn of phrase,

“We only did what we thought was best for you…”  I so disliked that excuse that I never uttered it during my active parenting years and Ian agreed he had never heard me say it while he was growing up.

On Deets and Eats I made this qualification,

“Perhaps what we should say- if we are absolutely honest about our decisions and actions- is, ‘I did what worked best for me.”

That way we take full responsibility for our actions.

After blazing the trail of podcasting myself, for the last five years, it is quite wonderful to see Ian taking things several steps further.

By turning the tables on me he cleverly devised an interesting way to draw out those little pieces of information that get lost in the big conversation of everyday life.

It was an absolute pleasure thank you for hosting me.

Here’s to your ElfTree Podcast Network success fruit of my loom!



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