The Texas State Fair…

Two years ago my self-sustainable, rock climbing, Wildman, son was in a dither.

A state of agitation is a more accurate depiction but isn’t dither such a fabulous word?

Hubs and I had just returned from our year in England.

During that time he had met a lovely lady whom he talked about incessantly when we Skyped and when we walked for miles in Dublin during his visit to London…

Yes we went to Ireland, go figure!  Something to do with zoos,


and Guinness.


When he had my attention every day he talked about their plans together, this lovely lady and he.

They were going to have their own business, train birds, travel in a van, do shows and work together…

“Well,”  I finally said when I could get a word in edgeways, “don’t you think you should pop the question?”

A cheeky smile played across his lips, “What question?”

“You know, the,

‘Will you be my wife?’

“Question?  You really can’t go around working and traveling together without making a commitment to one another, can you?”  I said.

A cautionary note here… it is not advisable to broach this subject in such a forthright manner if you do not know your child very well!

“You think I should?” he asked bouncing off the walls and grinning harder than a Cheshire cat.

“I think you should honor her by making an honest woman of her…yes!  Do you think she’ll say yes?”

“We’ve talked about it but haven’t gone any further than that.”

And so the story unfolded and this happened,

then this,


and this…


Their second year engagement anniversary is coming up very soon, this weekend in fact, just as The State Fair finishes!

They are on their way to their dreams with a non-profit corporation, lots of birds and oodles of enthusiasm and love.

Hubs and my engagement anniversary is coming up too…

…only it’s not our second year…

It’s our 30th!

You have many more to go Simon and Lindsey and may God Bless you and keep you!


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