The Weather!

It’s true, the English are obsessed with the weather!

I had a travelling homeschooler on my show, English, and the first words she spoke were a comment on the dreadful weather.

Friends here say,

“I love England except for the weather, I don’t blame you for wanting to go home!”

Look what our weather yields,


I respond,

“The weather in Texas isn’t much better, in its own way!”

But really, when I say I like everything about England I include the weather.

Today it is bright and sunny, although at 11am sitting outside having our after mass breakfast, the sun was playing peek-a-boo behind the willow throwing a shadow across the lawn.  The air was crisp and fresh.  The sky was high.  Birds were singing loudly in our bushes.  It felt like early morning.

Yesterday it was overcast and rained most of the day. I was in a coat with woolly scarf.  The birds were tucked up in their nests, silent.

I noticed mushrooms again, on hillside steps,


on the side of a tree reminding me of a holy water basin,


and taking refuge in a barky trunk,


With the rapid drawing in of the nights and the changing weather, I am kept on my toes!

The trees have got it right though and I am enjoying their colourful expressions of the season, they add warmth and brightness to the coolest, dullest day, if you care to look.



In the ancient woodlands there is evidence of a blustery wind in the night,


on the edge of the common crows stand sentinel on their bare perches,


close to the stables the first of the russets appear, glowing shyly from the lawns,


they wave exuberantly as I pass,


showing off their autumnal burnished coats.

My first glimpse of red greets me at the bottom of our road,


I arrive home to find hubs has caught the frost in the air.

“Time for a pot of spicy noodles,” he says as he ladles up lunch.


I laugh at his innovative use of available utensils.

The fragrant broth with its surprising blend of flavours captures the colourful expression of the season perfectly too…

In one of my mother’s pudding basins.

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