The Wonder of Yoga 2…

Last Friday, saw, or should I say, heard, the last of my radio shows for a short while.

After five years I have decided to take six months off to pursue other passions that weren’t around when I started my weekly internet broadcast.

Empty nest, blogging, travel, the writing of two books and Yoga.

My radio network, Toginet. is right behind me and has agreed to let me manage my re-runs and post a weekly article to maintain my on-line presence.

Bless them.

I am rejoicing that I will not have to find 52 guests this year.

After my decision there were so many shows still left before my anniversary rolled around that I grew impatient.  I wanted to be finished….now!!!   Twenty shows were a lot to look forward to.

Four whole months, a third of a year, not anytime soon really.

I stopped counting.

My Yoga practice told me to take life slowly, one day at a time, at least while I was on my mat.

When I left my mat…then I’d see how well my practice was going.

All of a sudden, I only had 6 shows left.

Six folk to research, to talk to, to write articles for, to publish and to brag about on my social media.

I wanted to hurry things along again,

rush way ahead of myself to reach the finish line before I’d run the race.

You may or may not know this but with live shows that’s simply not possible!

Some of the work has to wait until after publishing.

Then I thought, it’s been five years, what’s another month?

A gift was being offered, an invitation,

to wind down slowly,

to finish the job well,

to savor the final moments,

to taste the blessing of discovering new friends,

and to add some first time listeners.

Looking back at my show-that-used-to-be I am glad I relaxed into the flow.

The end came as I knew it would without any help from me.

This year I am going to learn how to bow to the moment.



God be with you.

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