Thoughts From the Back Seat…A Dog Tale

We had to take the Skyster to get shot.

That’s what it says on the calendar, “Skye Shot 1230pm Wednesday 21st May!”

Unfortunately she can read!

I told you she is a very smart young dog.

We didn ‘t take Big Brother because then he would be all pantied-up and excited and the car would smell of,

“Xactley Breath…” from all the doggy fumes.

We told him to,

“Be a good boy and guard the house,”

and he rushed around, first to get his comfort toy, Ally, then to grab a sip of water because we were locking up one of his three water source supplies.

Then we were gone!  With his sister. 

Skye obediently got in the back of the Lexus, a car she’d not been in before so no familiar smells.

She started out by sitting, head high, ears pricked,


as soon as she cottoned on that Big Brother was not going to be coming along for the ride,

at the stop sign 2 miles down the road,

she laid down and moped…

“They’re taking me to be put down…I just know it

“This is it, good bye earth, hello…


“I knew I shouldn’t have peed on the floor last night, I just had that feeling as I squatted…

“I didn’t say a proper goodbye to Big Dog,

“He’ll never miss me anyway…

“I shouldn’t have limped on my walk last night, what’s a burr between lives?

“I laid down in the grass and made them pull that nasty sticker out…I’m so embarrased!

“I should have finished my breakfast, now my tummy’s rumbling

“I just knew something like this would happen once Fee and Mike left

She hung her head over the edge of the seat. 

“I thought I was being so good

“I shouldn’t have got up on the back of the couch yesterday afternoon


“I kept shaking myself during my bath, that’s what the problem is

“Hang on a minute!  We’re turning down my favorite street!!!!

“I think we’re going to the Dog Park…

“I’m saved!  Ooooh, Big Dog will be soooo mad!

“Oh oh this isn’t the Dog Park,

“Wrong street!  I think I’m going to poop

“I’m definitely going to poop!

“This is the Put me Down Place!

We opened the back door, 

“I’m saying my last Hail Mary, give me a minute here guys.

“I don’t want to be doing this…

I lifted her gently out of the car and carried her inside.

She sat under my chair trying to make herself scarce! 

Thirty minutes later we were headed back to the Lexus, 

Her tail was up, her ears were perky, she jumped onto the back seat, 

“Yay!  I’m alive, life is good…

“Wait until Big Dog sees me!  He’ll poop…

“Let’s go to the dog park!”



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