Thoughts on Grand-Parenthood…

When I was young I wanted six children.

My parents, with their two, thought I was crazy.

Hubs and I settled on four when my OBGyn advised that four C-sections were quite enough.  I kept my fingers crossed for twins…probably a blessing that they were all loners!

As I was raising my children I had family oriented ambitions, foremost of these was to be a grandmother.

I had a very close relationship with my paternal Nana and decided I would be just like her to my grandchild(ren).

After lots of years of waiting, even with four healthy children…and growing used to not hearing the patter of tiny feet…I am finally being blessed with our first grand-daughter courtesy of Simon and Lindsey,


our bird training entrepreneurs.

I haven’t quite settled into the



Life changing,

Giddy feelings that I’m told should accompany the announcement,

“You’re going to be a grandma!”

One lady said to me,

“Grandchildren are the best thing to happen to old people…”

Yes, she really said ‘old people’ to me!

When my son and daughter-in-law expressed sadness at their difficulty to conceive and shared their thoughts on many options including adoption and childless-ness,

I immediately felt a gut-wrenching.

There is a deep sorrow that accompanies the harrowing news that pregnancy may not be a possibility.

When they made their classic announcement I was excited for them, relieved that Simon would become a dad and Lindsey a mum.

All the excitement and relief for them eclipsed my emotions and I settled down contentedly to wait and see.

I threw them a shower,


I spread a table with food,


and made a Poop Cake with melted Hershey kisses!


Hubs and I passed on the bassinet that all our babies slept in,

fitted a custom Moses basket,

helped fold and sort baby clothes,

sang along to Raffi while we cooked,

accepted the invitation to be present at the hospital while Sophie, yes her name is Sophie Sparrow, was being born,

actively prepared their newly purchased property for its new residents including 44 birds, two cats, a large dog and finally the Tiny House,

and watched, entranced, while the mother-to-be grew, glowed and nested!

Now the time is upon us and memories of my first born keep popping into my head…how clueless I had been, yet he didn’t know.

How excited!

I’m ready now, after a good 8 1/2 months of anticipation, and I’m certain I’ll be,


madly in-love and

terribly boring with my iPhone albums…

but I’ll definitely not be old!

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