Shads’ Derring-Doo…

This cat is a piece of work.

I call him a dog when he pulls one of his pranks…just to insult him…but since he growls at strange vehicles pulling into our circular driveway and

strangers he catches walking up to the front door,

I think he takes it as a compliment.

My Guard Cat.

Unloading groceries this week he was on the table helping and couldn’t resist the bag of cherries with their tempting stalks just begging to be grabbed between his front teeth and whiskered away to his secret-hiding place under the love -seat.


He snagged one and I gave him the stink eye and he dropped it over the side of the table and wandered off to observe from a safe distance.

or perhaps take a nap.

Apart from being a Guard Cat and a Thief I think he has absorbed some of the artistic atmosphere that resonates at Footlights.

Hubs and I view the world through creative eyes.

We push envelopes and stay up late immersed in one pursuit or another.

We are great finders of silver linings, always looking on the bright side.

We don’t determine what’s bad or good luck without the wisdom of hindsight.

We enjoy life and each other and a flexible routine (somewhat of an oxymoron for the free-spirited nature of our day-to-day).

Homeschoolers, free-lancers, creative designers, managers, writers..

In a more ambulatory time we would have been minstrels, gypsies, explorers, courtiers, inn owners, horse breeders, artisans, inventors, composers.

No college degrees really needed for any of that just exposure, experience, an entrepreneurial flair and lots of connections.

We look at things from different angles,

through alternative world-views,

in other shoes.

We focus on the life beyond our earthly existence,

and take as much as we can from the temporary world we’re passing through.

Some may think we have our heads in the clouds and if that’s heaven then they’re right.

We are Outside-the-Box-Thinkers.

Shads evidently is too,


in his own special way.

“SHADOW!”  I say sternly,

I find him sitting at the kitchen table looking innocent,


“Can’t I be one of the out-of-the-box-gang?” he seems to ask?

How can I resist such derring-doo?

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