Three Kings’ Feast…

I enjoy throwing parties although the build up always makes me think,

“Never again!”

But this year we were so busy over Christmas, what with a wedding and one of my neighbors giving a Boxing Day Party, I decided to have a Three Kings’ Feast on Twelfth Night.

Also known as Epiphany I invited my nearest and dearest along the lane.

I used a nifty Evite app which only a few opened so I still had to do the old fashioned thing and email reminders.  There were to be 14 of us.

I’d decided on pulled pork with mushrooms and cream sauce snuggled under a pie crust and served with roast veggies.

Hubs made a fish pate to start with and I rounded the hearty repast off with a flaming Christmas Pudding and brandy butter and a Tipsy Cake.

It snowed that morning,


and had settled by the evening but luckily no-one lived more than a few miles away and the roads were passable.

I used family heirlooms: pretty cut glass and a wedgwood dinner service,


to grace the table,

“We’re of an age when we appreciate these things…” said one of my guests.

I left the silver, tightly wrapped against tarnishing, in its box.  Some heirlooms need more work than others!

The gathering was a merry one and although I managed to keep most of the folks out of the kitchen, by stationing the mojitos, beer and wine in the lounge, no-one sat down in the couches and comfy chairs, not even for a moment.  We all have latent cocktail party leanings and small talk was made as we gathered in the warmth of the house  allowing our appetites to be tickled by the delicious aroma filling the air.

It was officially the last day of Christmas, my tree and decorations were still around and we played festive music for the last time,


and remembered to take a picture!

As we ate someone commented,

“I always think I’m a pretty good cook until I go to someone else’s house…”

We had a lovely evening surrounded by friends old and new and afterwards, at well gone midnight, Hubs and I sang along to Bing Crosby dreaming of a white Christmas as we carefully loaded the dishwasher and cleared the table.


We didn’t drop a thing; all the glass and china made it back in one piece to the Butler’s Pantry for another party.

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