Waiting To Teach…

I tell you, this substitute teaching lark is causing restless nights.

Not because I’ve taught…yet…

But because I gave the two schools I’d signed up with my Immediate Availability heads up when the massive event in my life that was Daughts’ wedding was over,

And now I have no idea when I am going to be called.

I toss and turn from 4 a.m. onwards listening for a text,

flitting like a butterfly from one fifteen minute doze to the next.


I get up at 6 a.m. to walk for an hour with Hubs and worry,

“What if I’m buzzed when we’re already at the top of the lane?” I ask him.

“Just say you’ll hurry home and be there as soon as possible.”

“Good response.” I said since that’s all I can do.

My dilemma reminds me of when Hubs was home from being out on the road for months.

He was an independent tour manager for famous music bands.

He could be called back out at any time,

the day after returning to his family or

several weeks or months later…we never knew.

What I did know though was, no matter what had been planned,

a family reunion,

a theatre date night,

a vacation or

a repainting of one of the rooms,

as soon as the call came in he was at someone else’s beck and call immediately!

So now when I’m asked to do something with my family or friends I say,

“Yes!” and then qualify my response with, “as long as I’m not teaching….”

And I feel as if I’m in perpetual limbo!

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2016-09-30 18:14:20 Reply

Don’t forget the best thing about substituting is that you can always say, “Sorry, not today!”

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