Walking in the Path of Salvation…

On my yoga mat I practice being mindful.

Last week I began to think of inspiration and how, if I want to catch its full effect, the light bulb moment, I need to stand in its way,

Be there when it hits.

No good sitting idly twiddling my thumbs waiting for ideas to come.

I have to practice my craft daily,

Whether I have anything worthy of writing about or not.

Whether my words spill from me in an incoherent jumble,

Or flow effortlessly as if I was talking to a well loved friend.

I have to write because maybe,

Just maybe,

Out of the tangle of words,


Inspiration may rise and when it does I will be there to shake its hand, perhaps link arms and who knows, even  accompany it along the way.

If I am not there ready to snatch it, before it vanishes like a familiar perfume on a train platform, it will leave behind an ache for something I cannot put a name to.

Once caught my snatch of inspiration can either carry me on the crest of a little wave that will fall flat when it hits the beach,

Or become a massive force that carries my chapter to its conclusion.

…but I have to be present to receive the gift.

I call this Walking in the Path of Inspiration…


In my church pew I practice conscious mindfulness,

I try to focus on the moment.

I consider my salvation and how, if I want to benefit from its effect on my life,

Share it with those around me,

I need to stand in its way, contemplate what it looks like,

Become aware of each experience not just race along in a fog of self absorption.

Idly twiddling my thumbs won’t reveal redemption.

I must practice giving God my full attention daily,

Because when I pray maybe,

Just maybe,

Moments of salvation may edge into a cloud streaked sky,


Fill my ears with bovine bellowing,

Tickle my taste buds with sweet grapes.

I may feel His breath as it gently brushes my neck,

His fingers as they lightly touch my shoulder,

His grace as it sends a flutter of joy through my heart.

I want to be there ready to catch it before it disappears un-noticed.

…But I have to be present to feel His presence.

I call this Walking in the Path of Salvation…


So here I stand in the way of inspiration and salvation,

What a lovely place to meet my Lord and Savior daily,

To allow Him be my dwelling place in whom I rejoice.

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