Wall Flowers and Secret Gardens…

Hubs and I are looking forward to returning to America and starting, what only theatre people can term, the third act of our lives, or is the fourth?

Not that I am shirking being in the moment and enjoying every nano-second I am blessed with to be back in my homeland where last year I only had 20 more ancient woodland walks left to take.

Now, without an end date, I don’t know how many I have left, I only know how many I have taken.

As I walk I snap pictures of houses, gardens and nature I would like to reproduce in my new home in rural Texas, once we find it.

This week I came upon a living wall, thriving in the dampness of English weather and basking in the evening sun,

WallGarden WallGarden2 WallGarden3 WallGarden4 WallGarden5 WallGarden6 WallGarden7 WallGarden8 WallGarden9

pretty isn’t it?

I also found some hidden houses one nestled behind a green wall of trees and hedges, I just wanted to be inside that secret garden,


this one was framed at the end of its short driveway,


and this could be a small country estate,

House3not much has changed in parts around here.

I wonder if I could sneak some of this back with me to the Lone Star State?


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