Hubs and I were invited to a wedding to end all weddings!

Set in Waco, about two hours away from us, it was quite a trek but well worth the effort.

I love weddings, people watching is my favorite pastime and I had plenty of opportunity to do just that!

First off the wedding cake display, three sumptuous, naked, carrot cakes,

getting naked at a wedding…

seems to be the chic way to ice a cake these days.


These beauts were hand baked, assembled and almost frosted by the bride’s father.

His mother had made his wedding cake so he wanted to hold up the tradition and make his daughter’s.

The succulent toppers and table decorations were grown by one of the bride’s brothers and don’t you just love those metal cake stands?

As we sat at our table I knew I was in Texas!

Looking around the room I saw cowboy hat after cowboy hat…not only the Aggies but the ranchers too.


I just had to get a shot of the two young men sitting beside us unabashedly sporting their stetsons

in doors,

at a table and

in the presence of women…


Three unforgivable lapses in etiquette in my mother’s book – but she didn’t grow up in Texas with cowboys – and I didn’t see a row of hooks to hang their hats on…so what’s a cowboy to do?

Then I just had to snap a photo of the ultimate farmer’s tan…


it just cracks me up!

We had a wonderful time eavesdropping on other people’s lives for a few hours.

Always such a joy to be invited to share in a special day and take a through-the-looking-glass photo of ourselves


and spend the evening, surrounded by revelers, reminiscing about what it was about each other that drew us together 35 years ago!

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