Wedding Central…

I started a notebook to keep tabs on all the areas of the wedding I was responsible for.

As the days sped past I was adding more to the To-Do list than I was crossing off.  Hopefully that would soon change!

Sam made an altar for communion during mass…yes I was actually having a consecration of the blessed sacraments on my back forty!

He also made a bower out of some small tress he found in the copses on the land, Hubs burned branches and scrub and ordered hundreds of yards of tulle and muslin; we borrowed burlap and clad books and boxes for the table to vary the levels, and white wedgwood china to mix in with the wedding pattern I was giving the happy couple.

Then the rains began.

Our outdoor work stifled Hubs and I set out to buy our outfits and I made another trip to Cavender’s to buy my first cowboy boots ever!  Years ago when I first came to Texas Hubs had tried to outfit me in the go-anywhere footwear but my high instep would have nothing to do with it!  I settled for high tops and Sperrys when I wasn’t wearing my naturalizer flats or classical courts.  Years later my foot slid into a boot comfortably and I was a cowgirl at last.

Sam’s Mum visited with boxes of mason jars, rolls of burlap ribbon, large pads of scrap-booking paper and lots of ideas for creating a location that would fulfill their dreams of a small, simple ceremony that looked natural and effortless…


and we all know how much work that entails!

Malia and I clad mason jars and tree stumps in burlap, we scattered pine wood chips on the ground mingled with peach and mint silk rose petals,

We put together collections of keepsakes,


cut and mounted photographs of the happy couple as children before they knew what God had in store for them,


Hubs and I made announcements into fans to ward off the heat and service bulletins to keep as mementoes.  Sam’s mother made up little bags of kisses for favors and tiny buckets of birdseed to throw as the couple left the al fresco chapel.


Wedding Central was full speed ahead!

I unrolled hundreds of yards of tulle to hang over windows,


tie into bows and wrap the pillars at the front of the house,


And somewhere in there Malia and I found time for a final outing, just the two of us, at Gloria’s,


where we had a delicious meal and talked about the excitement to come.

I have had many precious moments with Daughts but none so special as being blessed to marry her from our home.

What a gift!

I love you Malia and thank you for making everything so easy and enjoyable.

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