Wedding Countdown…

Holy Week is over,

The passion and crucifixion are finished and

He is Risen, Alleluia!

Now I can focus on the largest event in the history of the Larry McNenys, after the birth of our children of course!

For the next four days I have the pleasure of:

  • Choosing the mother/groom song to dance to, something other than Rascal Flatts who may have good songs and great lyrics as far as my youngest son is concerned but featured not in those long, long years of raising a rock climbing, animal loving, Australia bound Wildman who called me Mumsie and ranked me up there as number one in his life!!

“How about Raffi or Sharon, Lois and Braum?’ I asked.

  • Making sure I can distinguish between a Coney and a Keg.  We don’t want to rapidly run out of the small brewery beers before the Stars of the show have said “cheers!”  Conversely we don’t need to be drowning in the oatie swill either.
  • Ordering additional tables and chairs to accomodate the record number of invitees who have said “Yes!”  and hoping I can weave my way across to the dance floor for that mother/groom Rascal dance…
  • Fluffing enough pillows and duvets for five additional house guests in the Downton Abbey wannabe McMansion

Ensuring magic happens at the only event I am 100% in charge of by:

  • Delegating the food preparation to a reputable Italian restaurant who don’t deliver…so
  • Being grateful for friends who have offered to pick up and set out while I’m rehearsing even if they are hinting at wearing maid outfits…

Jokes and pranks aside, during the next four days I will be devoted to:

  • Breaking in my high heels (when did they stop making C and D widths, at least in my price range?) so I can gracefully dance to that Flatts song my son is insisting on!  My feet are already yearning for their bare days and my heart is pregnant.
  • Remembering my son who lit up my life with his startling blue eyes, that I saw first, and his captivating smile, that stole my heart, and charmed me into letting him follow his dreams.

For four days I will be experimenting with:

  • Champagne punch recipes although I can drink it in all its bubbliness straight from the bottle
  • Doctored up cake mixes and boozy additives
  • Anchoring my hat to my head

I will be quaffing pints of water to keep the ache from my back and the plumpness in my hands, trying out makeup, painting my toenails in just the right colour even though they will be hidden inside my shoes!

And napping…perhaps!

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