Welcome to the World….

Exactly twenty-eight years ago, to the very day, my First was Born.

I was carrying a lot of weight around.

When I topped the  scales at a pound over hubs’ I stopped checking, I only had two more weeks to go!

For the first time in my life  I didn’t care about gaining a few extra kilos.

I was taking ballet classes in my maternity leotard;

I worked full time for Corporate America;

I’d made it through a Texas summer great-with-child;

My skin was glowing with the radiance of a pregnant Mum-to-be!

My announcements were ready to tell the good news!

My due date came and went…

Funyun Day was born!


My joints started to creak from my over-due-state!

I kept working…

For one day…

Two …and three!

Then it happened, 28 years ago exactly to the day,

I sprung upon the world a Bounding 8lb Boy!

Welcome to the World, tickets were immediately printed and dispatched with the vital statistics of

                      Ian Christopher McNeny

The daily cake and ice cream had to stop!

But not today!

Have your cake and eat it!


Birthday Boy!










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