What Snow?…

We’ve had a week of it with a few days in between falls to warm up slightly then plunge again to below freezing.

27 degrees with a little aside on my weather app that states,

“Feels like 18.”

Two animal friends of mine set the tone for the day,

Titan, the adorable miniature Schnausser, owner of Daughts’ boyfriend, had this to say:


and Callie, our visiting feline, made this comment from deep within the duvet.


In fact she came over to sleep a couple of times this week snuggling on top of the blanket our lovely Moby, the great white cat, used to favor.


It seemed she decided we were where she wanted to be when temperatures dipped and changed the world into a place where the gnarly trees are caressed by the driven snow,


Much like our sins are covered by the love of Christ so we can be presented radiant and pure when the time comes.


Not amused by the cold she comes to call again in the afternoon and catches me mid-edit at my memoir.

Sharing my lap with the MacBook, she stretches luxuriously against the mohair of my sweater and purrs loudly competing with my softly reading voice, offering her paws for stroking..


Meanwhile, wild Titan, in his energetic doggy manner, romps and tames the virgin snow,


fallen just for him.

Anyone for a game of snowballs?

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