What Tunnel..?

Just to let all you wanna be homeschoolers out there know, there does come a time when all of your students have graduated.  That day finally came for me last year!  I had felt like Paul, St. Paul I mean, when he warned everyone 2,000 years ago to be on guard for the second coming. He told them it was imminent, nigh.  He was wrong unless nigh in his day meant 2000+ years.  My fifteen years of service flew by in hindsight but while it was happening…it seemed to go on for thousands of somethings…how do you out there, with the ten children, do it without going completely mad?  Do you ever get a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel?  And please, don’t get me wrong, homeschooling was wonderful but there comes a time when enough’s enough, and my enough time came last year!

I affixed a fancy name to my one roomed school house, Wildflower Academy.  I was the only one who used it, the boys especially thought it was a rather girly name.  I suppose I could have changed it with the passing of time.  We could have had, Wildlife Academy, Wild Living Academy, Wild Things Academy or just plain, Wild Academy, depending on where we were in our lives.

Yes!  All four of my children have graduated from homeschool and the doors officially closed after fifteen years of faithful service.  My two boys went on to be early graduators from college, both out before turning 21!  My two girls are taking their Associates before going on to their four year colleges as Juniors next year.   Yes, we did have four at college for a brief period but like having four teenagers under one roof, we survived to tell the tale.

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