When I’d Rather be Doing Something Else…

Very occasionally I have one of those days.

It will start first thing in the morning.

I’ll select my class from YogaGlo, get on my sticky mat and be a good ten minutes into my practice when distraction hits and I lose focus.

“This is not working for me today…” I say out loud between breaths; I press on in plank.

As I shape my body into warrior and side angle postures, held for grueling minutes today it seems, I offer myself alternatives:

I could switch instructors but then that would be a waste of the ten minutes I’ve already invested.

I could leave my class playing on the computer, pick up a book and sit down and read for the rest of the hour,


the door is shut, no-one would ever know….

…I would know.

I balance in eagle and crow and finish the ten hour class.

It turns out perseverance is part of a Yogi’s discipline.

Later, while sitting at my desk celebrating the progress I’ve made towards working on my book for a few hours every day, I grow antsy.

The words I am editing are many,


too many,

fifteen long pages too many!

My mind revolts, I really don’t feel like sifting through the sentences, finding the perfect metaphor, looking up any more synonyms.

My computer clock must have stopped, it’s still 2 hours before lunch.

Should I pour myself an inspirational drink?  That was a desperate joke!  But a good idea!


Looks like this bottle has seen its fair share of inspirational drinks.

Joke, joke, joke…  Daughts would have my hide

Guess what I’m supposed to be doing instead of this blog?

Writing my book…

The door is shut, no-one would ever know if I sorted my Radio Show guest list, went through iPhoto for  inspiration, listened to some music…

…I would know.

I carry on typing my wordy manuscript and eventually my sweet spot kicks in and I am very late for lunch.

It turns out perseverance is part of conquering writer’s block.

At the end of the day I am out for my walk,

an hour,

4 miles.

I get out my iPhone to check how long it’s been since I left the house… only 5 minutes!


Walks get tedious after seventy or eighty.

How many flowers can I photograph?

A lake view, is a lake view, is a lake view,


no matter how many angles I get.

I could just sit on the dock and watch the…nothing go by,

I suppose that’s, the world going by, but I’m walking not word mongering.

There’s not a lot of world at Hideaway today.

I could take a series of selfies.

I could play with this puppy…


if he was here.

The streets are deserted, blinds are drawn, birds are safely nested, no-one would know if I took a load off and gazed…

…I would know.

I resume my walk one step at a time because that’s the way you’re supposed to walk.

Before I know it I’m back where I started, with 8,990 steps to my credit.

It turns out perseverance eats up the miles.

Perseverance not only enables me to finish my Yoga class, work on my book and complete my heart healthy walk, it also allows me to build character and hone my moral skills.

My day didn’t turn out to be one of those in the end.



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