White Hot…

I was tweeted on Twitter last week by a lady who had spotted my hair and wanted to send me some free samples of products especially designed for women who were showing off their gorgeous, rather than granny, greys and whites.

I ungratefully inherited my bright white hair from my paternal grandmother when I was in my twenties!  For many decades I hid the evidence until I grew tired of chasing down the roots every two weeks.

While I took the skunk trail cleverly disguised with winter hats, I worried,

I didn’t want to be seen as just another white hair from behind.

I knew I had to do something different if I was going to go real.

Enter White Hot!

I was tickled pink to be discovered on Twitter and I did a little bit of research and found White Hot to be a small, local company based in Nottingham, England.

Jayne Mayled, the founder of White Hot, says,

“This is not the white flag of surrender, I’m just choosing a new colour and it happens to be grey!”

Her product has been on the market since June of this year.

I received my samples lovingly wrapped in lilac tissue paper.

A bottle of White Hot Glorious shampoo for shine; a tub of White Hot shooshing creme to add oomph and texture; and sachets of White Hot Brilliant shampoo, to brighten my hair and a thick and creamy conditioner, to nourish it.

I couldn’t wait to try them.

The first thing I noticed was the divine smell making anyone who gets close to me say,

“Your hair smells lovely.”

Made with shea butter extracts, to detoxify and grab the yellow, Keravis, a touch of Blue Lupin, and White Truffle moisturisers I felt pampered not only by the luxuriant lather happening on my head but the fragrance  of sheer elegance as if I’d spent hours in an up market beauty salon instead of minutes in my shower.

Jayne Mayled has designed an attractive product too,


they look glamorous enough to sit on my bathroom shelf and not skulk in the back of the cabinet.

Thanks to White Hot products for lovingly caring for my thick, healthy and now glowing, hair,

I can no longer slip un-noticed into a room!


I feel bold and empowered to be who I am and not a slave to my tint bottle every fortnight.

A swish of blush, a touch of pink on my lips and a modern cut that can be tamed or let run wild, shacked up with my trendy wardrobe…my children started taking notice,

“Mum, how come you look better the older you get when most women start to look…well, older?!”

My American hairdresser does a wonderful job keeping my style looking modern and fresh and youngsters gather around me demanding to know the colour I am using to get such a brilliant white?!

“It’s natural,” I say.

“Lucky…” they sigh!

A thrill rushes through me!

I can go out in a high wind now and know my roots won’t be telling tales on me and the younger generation swoon in awe!

Being told grey is the new black only works when the inner mindset is on board and affirmation comes in the form of Free Samples!

White Hot is keeping my hair salon perfect and as soft and silky as….well…silk!

I have stocked up on Jayne Mayled’s sizzling solution so I can continue to feel brilliantly, gloriously,  sensual every day when I am back home in Texas.

Hurry up and cross the pond, White Hot, before I run out!

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