White Texas Christmas…



Family&SnowTwo weeks after Christmas it is still freezing cold!  I don’t think I’ve had my heat running so long…ever…

Don’t tell the children that, I always admonished them to put on another sweater.  Somehow with no free loaders hanging around I am not as willing to shiver my way through the day or encase myself in a blanket everywhere I go…in my house.

In England the flat seemed always to be comfortable.  Nine hundred square feet of it with low ceilings, efficient double glazing and heavy drapes, made it easy to heat so that each room maintained a steady temperature.

Quite a phenomena in England where houses I’ve lived in tended to be draughty and old and, a lot of the time, not centrally heated.

Our house in Texas has massive ceilings which look majestic but are not at all practical.  On cold days like today my office, which is an added extremity, is ice cold and at this time of evening not worth trying to heat with a portable radiator and candles because the temeperature is dropping steadily outside.  So I sought comfort inside the house, in the nest. which has a lower ceiling and a good strong air vent shoving warm air through.  With long sleeved shirt and sweater, woolly socks and Ugg slippers I am quite comfortable, but do not want to move into the cavernous vasts of the living room where hubs is working in his overcoat and scarf.  Maybe he’ll bring me a hot cup of coffee soon!

But on Christmas day we ran outside into the back forty without heavy coats and snapped some shots!


Family&Snow2Snow has that effect on Texans!

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