Whose Goats are These?..

I often walk in the semi-darkness of dawn.

I still wake up at the same time, but the sun is setting its alarm clock a little later each day so I hang around at the top of our driveway for a few minutes while she turns over, hits the snooze button and yawns.

I can see quite well so make my way down to our entrance-way and this morning I noticed what looked like a couple of large fallen boughs in the gloom.

As I looked at these moonlit shapes they took on the shape of a hoofed animal, something resembling a mountain goat.  I pushed the thought away and looked harder as I drew closer.

When they began to move I realized that’s exactly what the pile of fallen wood was!  A ferociously horned male standing watch over his group of reclining females,

taking it easy on my property.


They began to move away as I started taking snapshots, ten and a male.


What a lovely cluster of day-trippers to come across just as the sun is popping sleepily over the horizon.

They were still huddled in a cluster when I returned and one of my neighbors suggested they were looking for food.  Unless they eat dried prairie grasses I didn’t have anything much to tempt their palettes.

Eventually they dispersed and I found out they were from a farm a few fields away as the crow flies, a few miles by car.

Hubs is a great supporter of uninvited guests; he believes they satisfy my longing for livestock without any of the additional work or expense.

Bring on the wild horses!

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