Why I Give to Window to the Wild on North Texas Giving Day…



I used to have outdoor cats, well, they were kittens really, until we found evidence of bird abuse…

feathers scattered around the perimeter of the barn where they lived,


and I asked myself how I,

a parent/in-law of Window to the Wild founders, Simon & Lindsey McNeny, bird rescuers, trainers and spokespersons for all native birds in the North Texas area,

could own and encourage a pair of cats to roam freely on my property keeping not only the vermin at bay but the songbirds, that awaken me so sweetly in the mornings, thinned out too.

At one of their Free-Flight shows I heard Lindsey ask her captive audience, while holding Smaug, her American Kestrel,

“Does anyone want to guess what’s the most threatening predator of wildbirds?”

Their collective answers made me smile,



“Mountain Lions!”

“Do you want me to show you?” she grinned, “I have one of them right here….” and she produced their brand new kitten, Dougal, newest staff member at Window to the Wild.

They all coo-ed and shook their heads.

“It’s true,” Lindsey said, “domestic cats are considered one of the most dangerous wildbird predators, responsible for the deaths of  an estimated 1.3-4 billion birds every year,” she paused for effect, “Isn’t that crazy?” and she passed Dougal around for a cuddle.

I was mind boggled!  On the strength of her statistic I vowed to do something about my two, free-range wildcats.

Callie, our sweet Calico had already spent years as an indoor cat hunting safely within the parameters of our screened-in porch,


keeping a harmless eye on the cardinal that visits regularly in his search for bugs and worms.


That afternoon I visited my two young Barnies romping in the grass,

innocent and cute

save for the sudden pause in wrestling to check-out activity in the distant trees,


sometimes lounging,

always posing,

forever vigilant…


At 6 months old, just after neutering, I brought them inside.

Shads and Magic are now seasoned ‘indoor predators’.  

They watch the wildbird activity at my feeders, around the flowers and on the power lines,


safely behind the screens, ‘hunting’ without endangering, the avian population flitting and soaring around Footlights.

I went from being an enabler to being a better informed member of the public, which is the message my son and his wife are striving to get across with their non-profit organization.

That’s why I give to Window to the Wild.

So click on my FUNdraiser page and schedule a donation for North Texas Giving Day, September 20th, to support this hardworking husband and wife team, Simon and Lindsey!



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