Window to the Wild: Your Dreams take Flight


You have heard my son talking on my internet Radio Show over the years about homeschooling and his dreams.  Check out the broadcasts.

Recently married, it was the Big Family Event of 2013, my son and his wife are embarking on their dream.

This week they made the first public move towards transforming their lives and heightening awareness of the wildlife they are passionate about.

As you saw, their vision is to open people’s minds to the beauty that the wild has to offer and to make it more easily accessible with their creative displays of the exotic birds they carefully train by tapping into their natural behavior.

Visit their project page at Indiegogo, a crowd funding site, to find out more about how you can support them in their endeavor to raise the money to buy and train more birds.

Their company, Window to the Wild (WTTW) started to acquire exotic birds in June 2013.  They bought a pair of Blue and Gold Macaw hatchlings.  These birds have benefitted from positive reinforcement training from the start and watching them interact with their human parents, Simon and Lindsey, it is obvious that they are happy, healthy and confident in their environment.

I hope you are inspired by the work they have done so far in their quest to live their dream and will support them in any way you can.

Visit their sites and follow them, tell your friends about this amazing venture and slip them a few dollars if you feel like feathering their nest and in my son’s words helping them to,

“Become Fully Fledged!”


May God Bless you both.  I love you.



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