Wretched Car 3…

All is still not well with our car!

We returned to the garage several times to have the throttle actuator motor adjusted via computer but the problem was getting so bad that as I drove to lunch last weekend and slowed to go round a sharp bend,

the countryside is littered with hairpin bends,

I lost all acceleration and ended up coasting with my foot flat to the floor-boards.

My mother-in-law said,

“That’s not good!”

My sister-in-law said,

“I would be so angry by now!”

My daughters just nodded in agreement as we posed for our three generational photo,


“I know absolutely nothing about cars so getting angry would do me no good…” I answered as I said cheese.

Personally I doubted whether owners of Lexus’s would have a new part put on their car only to have to keep popping back to the shop to have it adjusted  by a computer.

“Surely the part comes fully calibrated?”  I observed to poor Hubs who was fit to be tied.  “No-one is going to tolerate these return visits like we are…”

We booked it in again.

The mechanic, also fit to be tied only getting richer to our poorer, declared the new part faulty.

He replaced it and Hubs drove off,

“Headed home,” he texted.

“Still faltering, back to Ron’s.” He texted again in seconds.

“Headed home again.”  He texted a little later.

He walked in the kitchen with these words ricocheting off his tongue,

“I was just hit by The Prowler!”


The Prowler lives on our private dirt road.

Hubs and he met at a sharp turn going 15 miles an hour.

It skidded in the gravel into our newly repaired Lexie.

Hubs spent an hour with the insurance company and I took a photo of the damage for the record…


I could live with it if we had to…

It was Wednesday evening and we headed off for church.

Our car was all over the road.

The slight tap may have been at just the right angle to knock something out of alignment.

Triple A were summoned to haul it off to the body shop,

and we rented another car, this time courtesy of Geico.

I prayed,

Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; 

Courage to change the things I can; 

And wisdom to know the difference. 


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