A Field of Bull Calves…

Last year the farmer in the Turkey Creek area where we are living, sold off his herd of cattle.  There was much moo-ing and gnashing of teeth as they were separated into holding pens and prepared for market.

During the last few weeks of our stay I walked past empty fields.

This year there are cattle in the far off pastures and sometimes I hear them bellowing to one another about the dry weather.

There are half a dozen or so bull calves in the closest field to the road, they are young and weaned and very handsome.

Their neighbors are two pretty horses that ignore me most of the time.


I wanted to get a photo of my seven young males before they were sent packing to market but they wouldn’t co-operate and cuddle together in a group so I took a couple of separate shots before remembering I had a nifty panoramic feature on my iPhone.

Cows It wasn’t until I got home to show hubs that I realized one had gone missing!

I’m sure there were seven the week before, maybe it was the hay-rick!

They ruminate as they stare at me and the dogs walking by and a prickle of nostalgia for the days when I had plenty of time to think needles me.

Then I remember I’m here away from the day to day of my life in Dallas.

I can stand in the field of my consciousness whenever I want to and put the world to rights!




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