A Meditation on Twinkle-Let-Toe’s Birthday…

Our landline back in the day would announce the caller, at least the ones we had programmed into the menu.

I typed in Twinkletoes for our oldest daughter, a nickname from her very early days as the first girl child after two boys.

The automated caller I.D. would pronounce the names phonetically and the house would resound with,

Call . From .Twinkle . Et . Toes.

whenever Periwinkle-Twinkletoes called home.

The name stuck.

Happy Birthday Twinkle-et-toes!

The sunset painted the sky with your favourite colour today!


She and I were talking,

“Birthdays aren’t as exciting as they were when I was growing up…”

I guess my hand-made card and cash gift weren’t enough to feed those childhood birthday expectations!


“It was just like another day,” she said, “work, home, TV., bed, wake up, work…”

I hear you!

Unmistakable signs of growing up!

Well Winks, here are a few reminders of what birthdays-of-yore were like….

The Watsie-Head (closely followed by sibs and parentals) would jump on your bed and shower you with doggie kisses,

And you’d be ‘woken up’ to a chorus of Happy Birthday accompanied by a singing hound!

There’d be balloons with quarters and sometimes dollar bills hidden inside,

streamers criss-crossing the kitchen ceiling,

a brightly wrapped chair and a banner proclaiming your new age…

There’d be cinnamon rolls or pancakes for breakfast.

We’d go out for a family dinner at a favourite restaurant always dressed up, nail polish, lipstick and all!


8 today!

And a summer party around our pool

or at surf and swim (remember the year it rained?)

or even an elegant tea at home with real china, fancies, chocolate biscuits and Sally’s Secret by Shirley Hughes, read aloud.

In fact, birthdays lasted a whole week in our house and even the siblings received a gift!

What traditions we started!

Let’s go back to the gifties of all kinds…

Remember the sheets?

Little Mermaid, Barbie, Tarzan, Lion King, Barnie, Pocahontas and Alphabet?


Your treasured shadow box unwrapped when you were eight.

A Furbie…what was that?

Beanie babies, roller skates, and all those birthday tapes.

There were tears when you turned 9,

“I want to stay eight,” you said wiping them fiercely from your face…

There was a flying fairy, a Fisher Price Doll’s House and puzzles, how you loved them!

Baby Sinclair, an ironing board, tic-tac-toe, See-and-Say and a stroller.

A Barney doll, Winnie-a-Pooh outfit and a sleeping bag which was great for sliding down the stairs in!

The list goes on…

Ooops!  Let’s not forget the cake…


…any flavour you wanted!

Hey, all good things come to an end but the memories stay and the excitement of giving gifts never wanes!

The lovely paper, the ribbons and bows hiding an unknown or excitedly anticipated gift!

A carefully wrapped present still sets my heart racing…

How about yours!?

And whether it’s just another day or an extra special one, there’s always one gift that will keep you smiling…

My love for you

Reflecting God’s love for you!

Love you Winks,

Have a wonderful year and know you are treasured both here on earth and in heaven.

Your one and only,

Mumsie-Wumsie! xxxx

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