A Walk Through Kensington…

My walking friend from upstairs and I went out on Bank Holiday Saturday.  The day before had been raining, a steady, gentle downpour that soaked through to the bone.

All the Brits looked around and thought a unanimous,


However, the weekend was a bright and sunny one, not too warm, we’re not in the shorts and summer frocks yet, but upliftingly sunny.

At my suggestion we headed off to Kensington.

Our first stop was 99 Kensington High Street.  Here we elevated to the 7th floor where a magnificent roof garden sits, apparently closed to the public.  My friend is said to be able to slip under a door with a top hat on, not disappointed we found a side door and wandered, undisturbed through this verdant, high rise park,



complete with pink flamingos,


and pagodas.



As we were crossing the road to get to Kensington Park I reminded myself to look up and saw this lovely red-brick,

Lovely Red Brick

we turned down a side street and there was a gated entryway with No Photographs signs posted.  The wide boulevard backs onto Kensington Palace, made famous by Princess Diana, and is known for its Embassies and private mansions.  I couldn’t resist a few covert shots,


from the most expensive private house in the world to these ugly flats opposite.


As we meandered we came across mews in the backstreets and the silence was affluent!  Here are the classic mews with garage/stables below and living quarters above,


more fashionable examples, still with garages below.


My friend is chatty while I’m off snapping pictures and she was talking to a man who said, in 1965 he and his wife paid £3.00 a week in rent for something like this.  Today we’re talking hundreds of pounds!


Lexham Walk is one of those lovely streets with a gated and locked park in the middle for residents’ use only, we looked for an un-padlocked gate, her top hat got snagged this time!

LexhamWalkLovely houses,


and another narrow street leading to more treasures, like this white wisteria rambling above a window,


and interesting stonework on this converted villa,


and what about these flower pots, designed to slot onto a balcony rail!


Across the street I had to snap this colourful pub, The Churchill Arms.  It gives The Albert in Victoria a run for its money.


On our quest for Michael Winner’s house we crossed through Holland Park and saw a wedding in the Orangerie and a peacock decorating the outside,

PeacockA Zulu King stayed here once,


Cetshwayo, was his name-o!

And along the same road here’s a gem I had to capture,

Tower House, 29 Melbury Rd

When asked a passing cyclist told us sometimes she sees young people gathered outside waiting for someone.  Any guesses as to whom?

I looked it up when I got home.  Tower House, 29 Melbury Road was built by famous architect, William Burges in 1878.  It was bought by Jimmy Page in 1972 from Richard Harris!

I texted my friend the news,

“Who’s Jimmy Page?”   She asked?

Sometimes there’s no impressing people!

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