Chilling Horses…

I never thought of horses lying down.

When they’re grazing in a field they’re standing up, heads down munching happily, moving from place to place…all day!

Of course they’re non ruminant so they don’t clump together on the grass, legs tucked beneath them, chewing the cud and shooting the breeze like the cows and bulls in the fields around me.

When I started working at Grandalia Bend Farms I was surprised to see horses lying down, some on their sides, some sitting primly, some sparked out on their backs.

“I would say they lie down at least once a day,” my friend said.

So, here you go, a gallery of reclining neigh-neighs,





Grungy Berlin,


“You called?”


In the winter I’m told they lie on the near freezing ground because it’s warmer;

In the summer they look as though they enjoy soaking up the sun!

For whatever reason, I still find it something else to catch those horses taking a load off!

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