Henny & Boys…

All creatures great and small grow up too fast.

And I’m not only talking about my two grand-daughters.

My neighbour’s dogs, whom I give biscuits to as I’m passing, have been such a source of joy for me.

Who can resist these two little bundles of fur with their big sister, Henny, entrusted to,

“Train them up in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it.”  (Proverbs 22:6)


However, Henny started to go her own way and I caught her digging out a couple of times which is not a good example for the two valuable guardian puppies, Bear and Moose-Man.

She was sent to another dwelling so that the boys could be trained by their owner without the girlish tricks of a love-sick Henny (who could not understand where her best bud Rooster had gone) to distract them from the comforts of their own barn yard.

She scrabbled in the dirt by the fence and crawled out to ‘find him by golly’ just one time too many!

Henny comes to visit and when she does I see how fast the boys are growing.

Today I snapped all three of them asking politely for a treat!


I mean look at those boys!  I turn around for a moment and they’re living up to their names!  Not even a year old yet.

Henny is still the boss girl though because they have no idea how big they are.


This is by far the best way to have dogs!



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