Los Alamos…

We stayed near Los Alamos in New Mexico for three days.

The first morning I awoke with a crushing head-ache that I initially thought was brought on by the couple of glasses of wine I’d had the evening before.  As the hours passed I realized I was suffering from altitude sickness, which rendered me stunned and breathless.

Unable to stomach early morning coffee I drank pints of water while we went sight seeing.

My corner of the picnic blanket echoed with a rhythmic thumping in my temples reminding me that I was still very much alive.

Back at Jemez Springs I settled on the deck of my friends’  log cabin, Pen Point, and sipped my first cup of coffee, breathed shallowly and rested my eyes on their delightful wild bird corner


and stared at a flurry of birds pecking the suet,


and a Western Scrub Jay greedily attacking the seed.


After an hour my head-ache eased leaving my skin sensitive and my eyes heavy.  I felt much better after the caffeine and the birds’ display.

During the following days I grew used to the 8000 feet elevation and slowed down, especially when hiking uphill or practicing yoga.

I became conscious of each steady inhalation and thanked God for the oxygen rich ridge upon which I had alighted.

In the early mornings I walked to gather in the beauty of my surroundings.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the breath-taking views.

The Aspens, for which this area is named, cluster together in small groves.


I learned that Aspen bark, like the Willow, has anti-inflammatory properties.

The markings on these trunks are signs of deer and elk activity,


and lend each tree a distinctive look.

I noted that along the paths Aspen also bore other distinguishing features, this time etched by human hand.

The smooth, startlingly white bark proved too much of a temptation.


Los Alamos stand tall and straight, drawing my gaze heavenward to the brilliant blue skies.


They tremble in the wind living up to their Latin name, Populous Tremula.

They whisper in a gentle breeze, gently soughing at night, their moans lulling me to sleep.


After a forest fire these majestic trees are the first to send up shoots.

Stands of these ethereal trees can re-generate in less than fifty years.


“Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?”  (Job 38:4)  God asks Job.

The very greatness of God is revealed in the enchantment of a New Mexican Indian summer and Job responds as I would,

“Indeed I am completely unworthy…” (Job 40:4)

And bow to His creation .

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