The after Christmas overindulgence habit is fading slowly.

I have sweet cravings after my meal and satisfy them by finishing off the European chocolate bars given as a friendly neighborly gift for my birthday and the buttery shortbreads I’ve stashed in a tin instead of giving away.

I’ve thrown or given away most of the mini candies left over from the season of plenty and Simon-son came over the other day to make chili so I left the remaining temptations out for him.

My pantry needs sorting.

I sample my ever so light and melty pastry that I baked as an experiment for the quiche fest I am throwing  a week or two from now in an effort to do my part in using up the hundreds of eggs being laid by the neighbors’ chickens.


clockwise from top: spinach, sun-dried tomato and pesto; baked potato, bacon and cheese w/bisquick crust; cheesy Mexican beef; classic cheese.

It’s now February and high time I climbed back on the band-wagon of NO refined or processed foods.

It’s not easy!

At school last week I had this to contend with,


a large pail of smarties, my all time favorite sherberty treat.

It was behind my desk in one of the classrooms where I was subbing and with so many packets within arm’s reach I knew no-one would notice the absence of a couple sneaked during lunch-time.

I took a photo instead and deliberately set my tubs of fresh fruit and nuts in front of me, retrieved my fork from the depths of my bag and turned my back.

When I got home, still craving those sugary sweeties, I photographed the large bowl of  citrus fruits and apples sitting on my kitchen table,


‘A vision of summer delights,’ I thought, looking outside at the wintery sky.

The only way for me to avoid temptation in my second year of forfeiting all the food I had previously lived and thrived on is to surround myself with healthy, attractive alternatives.

Don’t tell anyone though, I have a few smarties tucked away in my desk drawer…


…just in case.

Finding them, untouched, day after day helps my resolve to leave them alone.

As for the quiches…


…the melt-in-my-mouth homemade pastry counts as my carb for the day as long as I don’t eat the whole pie!


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