The Back Porch…

When we moved into Footlights 4 years ago we had planned to build two porches so we could leave the doors open and get that breeze-way effect.  The back porch was already covered and we slapped up a frame to screen it in


and talked about eventually expanding to incorporate the uncovered portion of the existing slab.

But that was to come later.

In the meantime we built…well really Hubs built…the fantastical front porch that is gracious and attractive and so very, very, Southern!


Later finally arrived and we finished the build and demolition of our new and improved screened in back porch about a month ago.


It took a long time because we were beset with weather and a couple of trips out of town to change up the scenery.

Hubs really is very accomplished when it comes to tackling a project like this…I wouldn’t know a 2×4 from a 1×12, treated wood from vinyl, shiplap from siding but he has it all under control while I, like the cats, am contented to look on…utterly wowed!


Where I could I helped with the painting of all things blue – the ceiling and outside eaves – and glossy white – the stretch of house that had been outside and was now inside  and needed to match the rest of the room.

I also started brainstorming with myself and home improvement magazines as to how to furnish what was going to be a definite L-shaped space.  Gone is my potting shed corner where I kept sulfur, wasp repellent and sunscreen, my hoe and rake,

welcome instead to a blank wall, a window and lots more room.

Things were moving along splendidly.

Then it rained, again, as we were putting up the ceiling and we sprung a teeny-weeny leak…


…but a leak’s a leak so out came our roofer to re-seal all the joints and back to work we went.

At this point I decided to become more actively involved…

While Hubs figured out the gutter patterns I mastered the compressor and used the nail gun to put up facings and trim in preparation for the screen.

I felt quite accomplished with the loud mechanical racket that sounded as though I knew what I was doing and caused the cats to run off and hide.

I quickly advanced to demolitionist-extraordinaire when the day finally dawned that we could take out all the old screens.

The new tool I mastered was the electric drill that went in reverse and removed the screws!

I felt empowered!


And had a lot of fun.

More  hardi-board was exposed so out came my paintbrush and the can of glossy white and the cats to explore the new addition to their Catio.

A couple of weeks later we cleared the room and the surrounding grounds of all building debris and took it to the municipal dump.

Then we ordered indoor/outdoor carpet,

which Magic insisted on helping us lay.


We positioned the rugs we’d bought on sale and I started moving furniture in the odd shaped space.


When I looked at the dining nook around the corner it dawned on me that the prevailing theme had to be blue,


the carpet was blue, the ceiling was a powder blue and there was blue in the rugs.

I made short work of re-upholstering the metal chairs,


and we fetched the day-bed from the front porch now that it went with the colour scheme.


I bought a baker’s rack and a couple of Adirondacks and voila!


Another beautifully appointed porch on the peaceful side of Footlights overlooking the fairway lined by trees.


A perfect space to write during the cooler months,

thanks to my blue-eyed cowboy who believes in love at first sight.

Where would I be without you?

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