When the Sun Comes Out…


For the last six days the sun has had his hat on in Southern England.

We spotted this paddle steamer trundling down the Thames at Kingston over the weekend filled with eager beavers wanting to be out on the river.


Everyone is taking advantage of what may be a short summer, it is almost June after all!

Londoners are remarkable in that they go from Uggs, jumpers, coats, scarves, hats and gloves to sleeveless summer dresses, shorts, sandals, bare legs and less, in the blink of an eye!

Not me, on the first sunny day hubs was in his shorts and a short sleeved shirt, I was still in my jeans and Sperries, long sleeved shirt, jumper, scarf and jacket.  I had laid aside my gloves and long johns!  The day before had been a miserable 45 degrees and my heating was still running in the flat.

I quickly warmed up and discarded my leather jacket and sweater!

I looked at everyone around me and wondered where my summer stuff was?  It had been so long since I’d packed it away I couldn’t remember.

No part of me was summer ready like everyone else seemed to be, smooth silky legs, painted toe nails, soft elbows, toned upper arms!

By day three I was in bermudas and a short sleeved t-shirt but my feet weren’t ready yet and my light weight cardigan still hung around my neck just in case a cloud obscured the sun and I started to get chilled.  This is not Texas!

But it was 84 degrees yesterday I am told!  We were in Holland Park and the lawn was dotted with bikini clad sun worshipers during the week, mid-day in the middle of town!  Every blue sky moment counts here on the British Isles!


I wore sandals today  and my skin is starting to lose its ivory lustre while my fellow Londoners have developed healthy tans seemingly overnight!

We are off to the beach tomorrow but I have no idea where my swim suit is buried so I’ll make do with a possible farmer’s tan while my co-countrymen continue to turn an enviable nut brown.

How do they do it at a moment’s notice?

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