Worldview: Seeing & Hearing Differently…

I once heard a photographer say,

“You’re trying to draw the viewer’s attention to what you’re seeing.”

The same with words; the writer or speaker is painting a picture for her audience exclusively drawn from her perspective, enticing mental images to arise that jog a memory, raise a question, or break a heart.

I love getting to know others through their pictures, books and conversations.

I never cease to be amazed that they often articulate my ache, my angst, my joy so accurately…they really do ‘get me’!

These ‘others’ do not have to share my Christian faith to speak to me.  All the words I read or hear, the images I see, are filtered through my Worldview.  I can find strength in them to hold me up, to affirm my actions to support my beliefs, to guide me along the paths of life, to inspire me from a different perspective.

Change is refreshing.

On my yoga mat a door may swing open in my mind as I press my feet into the earth and am told by my teacher to turn inward and tune into  the strength in my body; I feel the steadfastness of Christ my rock.

In the morning with the light gradually chasing away the shadows, I see darkness has been conquered for another day, the Spirit a lantern to my feet. (Psalm 100:1)

A misleading image may rouse my curiosity to look more closely at a large, pterodactyl-like bird perched boldly in a tree,

drawing closer I see it for what it is, a branch fallen and lodged in another tree; I’m reminded that the inerrant Word of God stands up to close inspection.

In a global world

teeming with new ideas;

broadening our minds;

developing technology that doesn’t have to be understood to be used;

making medical advances that defy reason and raise hopes;

breaking down barriers that at once wow and bewilder;

I practise my Worldview and see the Father’s hand reaching out to comfort, the Son’s sacrifice proving me worthy and the Spirit’s presence hovering at my feet.

These miracles I witness on earth are just an inkling of what is waiting when I finally take my place with my Creator in Eternity.

That’s the Good News when I tune my eyes and ears to Christ.


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Beautiful sentiments!

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