A Charmed and Magical Life….

One of our first stops when we returned from London was to go and visit our grand-daughters who live on a bird facility, owned by their parents, called Window to the Wild

Theirs is a charmed and magical life;

they are surrounded by chickens and goats,

a gentle guardian dog,

a slow tortoise,

as well as owls, hawks, bald eagles, parrots and piebald crows.

Amidst the animal and bird activity vegetables and flowers are grown, mulch is spread and piles of gravel waits to be raked or played in.

Brush is collected for the goats,

Eggs are gathered from the chickens,

Races are run with the dog

up the steps to the mammoth tree-house,

which of course needs to be thoroughly explored by all who get to the top.

Simon and Lindsey are a talented, hard-working couple who reach for the stars and think BIG.

Hubs and I are exhilarated by their life in small doses; at first we feel fired up and charged, game for anything; but by the time we leave we are wondering how we ever raised four on our own with no family help.

Like them, we were young!

On arrival we are wrapped in the mouthwatering smells of baking bread, pancakes and coffee.

Walking into the kitchen we are met with squeals as Sophie trips over toy dump trucks and baby dolls in her haste to fling herself at us.

Avery is put in Hubs’ arms for a cuddle and we sway and coo and stumble around,

we sing and talk and laugh until order is brought to play with the promise of lattes and small cups of cinnamon- sprinkled, foamy milk and a bite of fluffy pancakes.

The girls settle on the couch and share an insight only they know,

they giggle.

They are charmingly photographic.

Here we are,

slap dab in the middle of their charmed and magical life,

for a few precious hours.

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