Day Four of Winter Weather…

By now we were were on a roll.

It was day four of winter weather and the temperatures were still dropping; not an above teens forecast in sight.

I still walked, it was fun to tramp around on crunchy snow in my wellies.

Our front forty was looking quite desolate,

the sky absolutely matching the ground.

Our spirits were flagging a bit with the monochromatic grey.


At the main gate snow had finally settled on the rails and the temperature had dipped to an extremely rare 0ºF.


I saw that Henny was back home.

She’d been sent to her Aunt’s house because she kept digging herself out.  Since she lost her dear friend Rooster she has been confused, looking for him everywhere and scratching to be let into the house at night.

The howls of the coyote and deep, dark skies are too scary for a barely 2 year old.

Her homecoming brought Sugar, sister to Badger, and great excitement as she showed off  her belly with the two new puppies at her feet, bewildered by the sudden commotion at my arrival but eager anyway!


I managed to sneak her a couple of biscuits…the puppies aren’t allowed because,

They have to warn their owner of strangers at the gate, not greet them!

But I’m afraid they’ve already learned from big Sis Henny to run excitedly in expectation of a treat.

Another reason for her temporary (I hope) re-location.

The pecan tree opposite my dog buddies still stands proudly…there were no buds yet to kill so hopefully it will leaf out into its former glory later in the Spring.


I noticed that the surrounding fields didn’t look as well covered as ours at home.

“That’s because the powdery snow is being caught by the wind,” Hubs suggested, “and dropped off on our fields.”


An advantage of sitting in a slight valley.

At once a very beautiful and stark fourth winter weather day indeed.

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