A God Moment…

I had a God moment when I walked into a classroom at McKinney Christian Academy one morning and saw a graphing exercise the students had put together on the white board.

Close up it looked like a load of neatly coloured light and dark brown, cream, white and black boxes that corresponded to the equations they had solved.

I didn’t think anything of it and continued exploring the classroom, reading the prayers and the assignments, looking at photographs, discovering the candy jar and getting ready for my day.

When I looked up from my desk at the back of the room I caught sight of the graphings again and saw the shaded boxes from a different perspective.

I thought,

what a tangible lesson in the difference between God and me.

God knows the whole story, He can see the big picture, not just one tiny portion of it…me.

When I stand too close and examine my messy life, minute by minute, emotional blow by emotional blow,

I ask, “what’s the point?”

When my close up and personal day is filled with uplifting moments and successes, smiles and love,

I say, “thank you Lord!”

Enslaved by external circumstances I easily get caught up in the chaos of Genesis before God spoke creation into being and brought divine order into the world.

In my quest for peace I find turmoil.

I looked up at the white board again and was struck by the difference between the random abstract of a close-up

and the recognisable portrait now apparent from a distance.

The unmistakable image of Martin Luther King Jr.

In my life lived close up I don’t know what God has planned for me except that He wants me to be content with only Him.

I need to surrender, let Him love me into the world He created for me and know that He sees His whole plan rolled out before Him not just the ‘me’ part roiling in turmoil!

Only in Him will I find the peace that surpasses all understanding…(Philippians 4:6).

I smile as the first student enters the classroom and whisper,

“Thank you God for that moment!”



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