Fall days…

Fall took a while this year.

It was warm.

Cold snaps lasted only a couple of days.

We went from 2º below freezing to 78º overnight and the grass started re-growing right before our eyes.

High winds stripped the trees before they proclaimed their colours and we went from green to bare in just a few days near the end of November.

I didn’t get much fall colour to speak of.

My oak tree at the end of the drive looked promising one morning,

the next it was bare…

I was enticed outside to do a spot of work in the trees, pulling out that ever present ivy that creeps up the junipers and is a bother to pull out.

While I was stripping it out I came upon a very neat and tidy nest and the mild spring days immediately came flooding back.

Further onto the Footlights property was this elm, still hosting its yellow fall leaves but as you can see the ones in the background are quite bare.

I find I’m enjoying the unseasonable autumn weather allowing a more marked transition between unbearably hot to pleasantly mild this year.

My doors are open and I walk around in bare feet and shirt sleeves,

I don’t feel ready to swaddle myself in sweaters and thermals quite yet but I have no doubt that the time will come…

In the meantime I caught this view of the rye grass fields,

with young bulls running beside me as I walked, thinking I was carrying food.

Their youthful forms stand out so well against the fresh green.

I am energised and awed by the beautiful place I live in and give thanks to my creator for placing me right where I need to be every day.

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