A Perfect Day….

Today it rose to 85 degrees F, the wind was from the south blowing at about 22 mph and I felt better than I had in two (or has it been three?) weeks.

All is well, I get up early, say prayers with Hubs while drinking herbal tea, manage a one hour yoga class and unpack my glucometer, a month after buying it.

I feel organized, my house is clean, the weekend had been packed with unusual activities:

A trip to Sherman to see the many lawyers offices encircling the town square, (we went to check out the antique stores but it is a sleepy town and nothing was open so early in the morning {1030am}) remind me this is the place to go if I ever need legal advice!

Lunch in Van Alstyne , just because there is a famed nursery there (so Daughts says) and it was on our way home.  I bought a couple of packets of flower seeds and took a picture of their well covered cat sparked out on the plant pallets,


The Master Gardeners of Celina’s show with all kinds of plants, crafts and eco friendly ideas on display,

An invitation from Daughts for an espresso with frothed milk at their barn-pad,

An afternoon spent digging over my garden and transplanting the mint that thinks it owns the land,

killing my thriving rosemary by re-locating it,

and setting a small stone wall to contain this year’s spread of lantana.

I have a well stocked fridge and a pantry that would put Market Street to shame…we don’t bear the name McKroger for nothing!.

It’s the first day of the week and somehow Monday, no matter what I’m doing, always seems to stretch for  two days.

It doesn’t drag it just expands and I get lots and lots done and look at the clock and it’s still only three and in my mind it must be Tuesday!

I put in a load of laundry, Hubs and I have breakfast and off we go to our own things, his usually involving a power tool of some kind, mine an Apple device.

I sow flower seeds at the edges of my herb garden and make a mental note that I find no worms in my soil!

Two hours later the cats are sunning themselves as close to me as possible through the screen in their catio.

I disturb them by pushing open the screen door, just for a moment, to make my way to the utility room and my laundry.  The cats are at my feet and rush to stand sentry at their empty bowls…just in case…

I carry the damp washing outside to hang in the warm sun and think of my grandmother.

I feel inextricably right with the world.

An Empty Nester or a MamaViv in waiting?

I turned down a teaching job to enjoy the home-body me today.

My trees are budding (the last on the lane),


the blossom is pretty,


seeds are waiting patiently in packets,

thistle is emerging along with the early milkweed,

the evenings are lengthening and the buzzing of bees in the honey suckle,


is a welcome accompaniment to bird song being proclaimed across the meadow.

Easter is still two weeks away and I am patient and ready.

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