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Now some words about Daughts!

Since I no longer get an update from Mistral I am missing posting about my dancer daughter.

She’s been back here just over a month and not dragged her pretty little heels one iota!

As a recurring Ewing Global extra on the series Dallas she has been busy several times a week lately.

it all started with a wedding just as she got home,


All dressed in our finery!

it was freezing for the evening reception but beautiful,


She loves working on the set and has lots of fun whenever she is called even if it is really early in the morning!


 Now that she is paying rent and continuing to buy her car and pay for a phone plan, not to mention  insurance, toll tags and other expenses she hadn’t thought of before like, a shower curtain, and toilet paper and things for her room,

“Mum, it costs a lot to set up in a flat…and Ian had already done most of it!”

Yes, she was lucky, no furniture buying for her, or dishes, pots and pans and linens.

But food is recurring as are toiletries and nicknacks the Mum and Pops bank used to cover!

The number of resumes she dropped off in the Uptown and other areas were numerous.

Any job had to be flexible so she could continue with her random filming sessions, she also had to find time to dance…oh boy!

And then were the jobs with the Temp Agency.  This girl was busy!

Finally she found a job, nannying!  Every other week, the promise of good money and she and the father hit it off!

“Not too well I hope!” I said.

“Oh Mum!!”

Then she was invited by her ballet school to perform in their annual Nutcracker; the contract included quite a generous fee for the three shows.

She was hesitant at first but then thought about it and decided,

“Hey, free ballet class and it may be fun…”

“We’ll come and see you!”  I promised.

At her first class and rehearsal she was greeted by one of the owners with,

“Malia!  You’re not fat!”

“Great to see you too!” she thought!

I love that story and have told it many times…Daughts just looks at me as if I’m…Mum!

She’s not fat at all!

Where did that come from?


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