Our Cats Don’t Eat Science Diet…

We were looking for a litter box scoop to better filter out the small clumps.

We had tried slotted spoons from kitchen stores, tea strainers and colanders, none of them were the right gauge.

I shuddered.

What if the kitchen utensil I was using to sift shit found its way back into my cutlery drawer by accident…?

In the end we went to a pet shop and bought a scoop especially for lizards and other exotic creatures that aren’t cats…

The slots were too close together.  I’d be throwing away pounds of litter every week.

We returned it and settled for a standard 99 cent scoop from Walmart.

A few weeks later a coupon from the pet store arrived in our mail box.  It was for a free bag of food…a special promotion on one of their leading brands, Science Diet.

“Tites eats Science Diet doesn’t he?” we asked each other referring to Daughts and her Hubs’ brilliant little Schnauzer.


Tites the brilliant little Schnauzer

I checked our spare room closet (where they store items that won’t fit in their tiny barndominium up the hill) before chucking the coupon away as yet another useless piece of junk mail and confirmed the brand as Science Diet.

We took it over to the barn and left it in their mail box.

That weekend they came over and I watched Sam lug another 35 lb bag of dog food into my office to add to their closet collection at Footlights.

They both sit, large and bulky, alongside yoga mats, her wedding dress and other Occasional Wear Clothes.


“That was amazing Mum,” Daughts said rummaging through our pantry, “thanks for the coupon.”

She showed me her receipt.

“We didn’t have to buy anything we just presented the coupon at check-out and we got this massive bag of food  absolutely free,” she said, pulling produce from my fridge.

Sure enough the cost of $55.00 had been zero’d out by my coupon and the grand total was nil!

I looked at Daughts’ large smile and furrowed my brow.

“Why didn’t you want to use it?” she asked, “not that I’m complaining,” she hastily added as she poured cashews into a jar.

“Our cats don’t eat Science Diet,” I said slowly, “they eat any old cheap food I pick up from the store,” I shook my head, “like Friskies and Iam’s…”

Daughts laughed, “well you can’t get much cheaper than Free!  Bye Mum, bye Pops! Thanks again,” and they left amid a clatter of happy chatter and a bag of McKroger groceries.

Next time I think I’ll keep the coupon!

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