What I Woke Up To…

I woke up this morning to snow and a fox!


The thing about snow is it falls heavily without a sound.

Not that we even hear the rain in our flat because we don’t have a roof directly overhead.

I was like a child.  I had to be out in the snowiness so I bundled up and trundled off.

Our driveway had been cleared by those who rose earlier than I did.

The streets were clear and wet, the pavements were snowy and mushy and slick.

Salt has made an appearance each morning for the past couple of days, the local council “being prepared.”  Sand was added this morning.

There were people jogging!  Aren’t they afraid of falling over?

As I neared the woodlands I notice a record number of cars parked along the curb.

I wondered what was going on?!

Then I saw it, England at its very best!

A hill, snow…what else but sleds and toboggans out in force with the parents, babies and dogs?




I walked through the woods taking photos here and there.


The golf course with all its rolling features was being used as a sledding haven.  Thick, untouched snow ready for the slide.



Dogs cavorted…


…and peed.


Children squealed, while I snapped.

All the pathways lost their familiar indicators and I walked round and round passing and re-passing the same people and their charges.


I decided to stop turning right and finally came upon my exit gate but I could have stayed where I was for longer, only hubs would have sent out a rescue team.




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