And the Wet Dog Prize Goes to…

This is not a dog tale.

If it was I would have put it in the title!

The official Dog Tale is tomorrow!

It is about wet dogs though, sorry Daughts.  Read on I think you’ll like it!

We decided it was time to do a Dog Bathe.

Little Sweetie, the pure white Westie, gets dirty fast!  She is a great roller and the grass stains on her coat need special attention.

Consequently she has been plonked in the sink a number of times and scrubbed with her special whitening shampoo.

Big Dog is a Shepherd Labrador mix and doesn’t show the dirt at all.

This was a first for him…

With us anyway!

He looked good wet and stood proudly on the concrete after a hose down.


Little Sweetie on the other hand looked suitably embarrassed…in the sink!


until she shook,


and voila, she became her sassy little self again!

But I have to say Titan, a miniature Schnauser, wins paws down in the Wet Dog Competition,


Go Titan!

Shake,shake, shake!


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