The Park…A Dog Tale

One Saturday we decided, instead of lazing around at home all day we’d go to the nearby dog park a mere 10 miles of fields and cows and orange groves away, so off we went.


Big Dog and Little Sweetie love the jeep, in fact every time we pass it in the garden, where it is parked under a shade tree, they look expectantly at it.

One day it started to rain just as we were embarking on our quick turn around the cul-de-sac and I had to retrace my steps to wait out the shower under the house, between the stilts.

The two of them sat, in the wet, at the jeep door.  I could see their little minds ticking,

“Let’s take the wheels, that way we won’t get wet…”

Bright thinkers these two!  We didn’t, we were going for a wee walk…

Anyway, back to One Saturday,

We arrived at the park and they fell out of the Wrangler in their excitement and once I opened the fence they were off full pelt, no leads, no whistle, no shouts to heel,

Absolute Freedom!

To go wherever they wished and meet….

Other dogs!

We settled ourselves in one of the gazebos to sketch and have intelligent conversation while our charges played.

Only there wasn’t another dog in sight.

We should have texted Titan, he’s always Dog Park ready!


Typically, and this behavior is true of all dependents, they fast grew tired of running around sniffing each other’s trails and came and stayed with us in the gazebo, panting and bored.


After a few minutes I got up and said,

“Come on fellas, we can do this at home.  Let’s run!”

I took off around the park with them in swift pursuit which soon faltered as I neared the circuit’s end, they dashed back to the shelter of the gazebo beating me to the post, and took up a front row position,


to watch me coming in third.

Hubs found a cup and brought them some water,


“Yay!  Starbutts!”  they said between laps.  He was their hero for the day!

After another few minutes I got up, I mean really, we can sit around and pant at home where there’s air!

In a valiant attempt to motivate them into more activity I set off around the park again.

Only this time they didn’t even pretend to follow preferring to stand in the shade of a couple of trees in the middle of the park where they could get a panoramic view of me jogging in the midday sun without my mad dogs!

Let’s give it up for the Dog Park!!


I enjoyed myself!

And look…she’s cocking her leg!

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