Staying Alive at the O2 Arena…

We went to the Mythology Tour at the O2 Arena.

Anyone would think I’d never been to a live concert, I had my camera out and was snap, snap, snapping at every turn!


The Will Call Window,


Our tickets,


The Tour Logo,


Then I decided t settle down and enjoy!


Years ago hubs was the Bee-Gees Tour Manager.

During one of their world tours he was away from home and family for 10 months.

That was the tour when my oldest daughter was born.  He made it home for 10 days, 5 before her birth and 5 afterwards!

I saw the Brothers Gibb briefly in Florida during rehearsals before the tour started;

While they passed fleetingly through Fort Worth airport in transit;

And live once when they were in Dallas!

While hubs was away I played their album,


the whole time because I wanted to be totally immersed in what he was listening to LIVE every night!

The Bee Gee distinctive sound, high pitches and tremulous voices always makes me feel safe and secure, happy as though I Should be Dancing!

It was a fulfilling time all round, no financial worries, a new marriage blessed with three children already.

And my own great job in Corporate America!

Yes, we all missed the laughter provided by the Blue-Eyed-Head-of-Household but we knew he’d be back with a host of stories to share.

On Thursday I wanted to record every song but couldn’t find Voice Memos on my phone.

I later discovered the icon had changed and anyway the whole concert would probably be posted on You Tube.

Barry, without his brothers with him on stage, sounded the same!  He looked a little different, don’t we all 25 years on?


But his sound was unmistakably Bee-Gee.

His son Stephen played guitar and sang too, in his own inimitable way.  Heavy metal to go with his sleeve tattoos.


Barry’s niece Sammi, Maurice’s daughter, came on for, How Can You Mend a Broken Heart,

and we were treated to family movies and footage of concerts when the Brothers were Gibb.

The best was when Barry opened up, I Started a Joke, and Robin appeared before our very eyes!

Goose bumps huh?!

It was a slick show and of course, every song of theirs was a hit so a delightful trip down memory lane!

I have to mention Beth Cohen, one of the backup singers.  She was featured a couple of times and her voice!

I am a Woman in Love blew me away!

Then she returned to Backing Singing and later, when I congratulated her she was genuinely thrilled to receive the praise.

Whatta Gal!

We accepted the invitation to join the band in the green room for a drink afterwards and I, unabashedly, stood next to Barry and posed for this picture!


I also got one with Stephen,


a lovely lad hubs has knows since he was a wee toddler!

Staying Alive!

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