Skye’s the Limit…A Dog Tale

The Westie’s name’s Skye.

I call her Little Sweeetie because she is!

Yes Daughts, I’m afraid I’m happily turning into one of those people you warned me about, but then, so are you.


Titan Wannabe Make-Up Artist

Hubs calls her The Skyster, the first time he did I thought he said ‘Skyescraper’ (it’s his Southern drawl), the name stuck!

She is the little sister to Big Dog, an Australian-Shepherd-Lab-mix-of-a-hound-dog.

She is the sweetest little dog I’ve ever met.


At once delicate, refined and good mannered, she smells good and always looks happy.

Her eyes are tastefully lined with black, she has a matching, perfectly formed, nose.

There are times she resembles a wound-up toy.

At other times she reminds me of my dog-like-cat, Moby.

She doesn’t smother me with licks, or jump up with demands for attention.

As Falkor she keeps me company on my yoga mat,


She lies down in the middle of the road when she’s finished with her wee walk and waits patiently until it’s time to go home.Walkies

She sleeps on the back of the couch stretched out like my cat that reminded me of a dog.


She’s quite adorable isn’t she?

But she is such a Big Dog wannabe.

She knows exactly how far her retractable lead stretches as she trots to keep up with her brother’s effortless lope.


She chases everything he goes after and her own stuff too, squirrels, armadillos,


She hates cats…

She’d cry if I told her she reminded me of one…so shush!

When she barks her voice is gruff and large, just like her big brother’s,


She eats her food from a metal bowl like bro;


When Big Brother pees,


she gets wet!

He can’t tell the difference between a Fire Hydrant and a Sweetie-Pie Little Westie!

And when she pees,

Yes!  You saw it!

She lifts her leg…





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