Leaving Texas…


Packing up to leave the Hawthorne Suites where we’d spent a contented month was relatively easy in the possessions stakes.  I put away all things not summer in our storage unit and took a handful of warm weather clothes, with their tags still on, with me on our journey across America.  I hung the few items of attire in my borrowed closet,



“I hope you have enough hangers?” Fee said.

“More than enough thank you!

Despite our lack of possessions the car was still packed to the gunnels!

What do we carry with us?  Let’s have a look!

A few things in a cooler for McNeny style picnics en route, pantry goods that we knew we’d need when we arrived and our computer and office paraphernalia that we can’t manage without.

Material goods accounted for we turned our attention to our children whom we were concerned about leaving once again…this process of detachment is a long, slow, process!

Our film-maker son flew to L.A. on a reconnaissance trip the week before our departure and we managed to squeeze in a Sunday brunch with him close to where he was working that day.  He is such a diligent chap taking free lance and agency jobs whenever they’re offered and they’re often offered several days in a row and at weekends,

“This little assignment has just paid for my trip to California,” he told us proudly as we sipped our coffee and ate pancakes and eggs.

We talked about his possession plans, which hinged on where he would end up living.  He didn’t know whether he was going to be taking all his furniture or storing it…

“By the end of the week everything will be clearer,” he told us.

As for the rest of his plans, specifically those regarding work, he didn’t seem worried,

“I have lots of contacts and plenty of tentative offers, this trip is about accommodation!” he said reassuringly.

So we did what we do well, offered encouragement, support and love and listened to his excitement.  He really doesn’t like change but,

“This has to happen…I need to go to where the industry is hopping and at least give it a chance!” he told us, eyes asparkle.

He has no ties in Dallas, no mortgage, wife or family.  So, why not take the plunge with sparkling eyes?

Like us I am sure he was feeling a bit of the empty nest syndrome, we were all moving away, following our own dreams, finding or rediscovering ourselves.

We said goodbye on a dusty side road in downtown Dallas where we had met up,

“Come on Mum, let’s take a photo, this may be the last time you see your first born…”


Not quite the parting sentiment I would offer on bidding bon voyage to my parents.

Our oldest daughter had moved into her house which she is sharing with three other ladies.

We had bought her groceries to fill the generous cupboard and refrigerator space in the kitchen and she had filled her room with bedding and clothes.  Her furniture was safely stored with ours in the lock up.

“I don’t believe you’re not going to be here for my birthday again…” she said.

This is a a standing joke in our family because summers are always times when we scatter, for camp, jobs and  vacations.  More than a few of her birthdays have been spent apart…well, I can count them on the fingers of one hand, she says two!

“You can come and see us…” I offered.

“And I thought we were bonding so well,” she said.  She’d spent a few days with us in the hotel and we’d enjoyed commentary breakfasts, ice cream, movies and late night cups of tea together,

“We’re bonding,”  I said matter of factly, “let’s get a picture!”


Of course we had to get one with blue eyed Dad too,


We couldn’t tie the married couple down to an evening or a lunch or even breakfast so we compromised and went to their restaurant,


and shared shrimp poutine and a salad with hot pretzel bread…scarfing the lot!


Our son was able to come and sit with us and snag some prawns and dip bread.  A few snippets of news were exchanged in the noisy environment and comments about food, beer and birds were shouted.

We didn’t get a picture… shucks!

Daughts met us for dinner after she finished work ferrying girls to their after-school activities.  It was later, as we prefer our dinners to be and her boyfriend came.  The Thai restaurant was very casual to somewhat dressy and the food was delicious.  We sampled appetizers and split three meals and conversed at a leisurely pace,


and ended the evening sitting in our car while hubs validated stories Daughts had told her beau about her blue-eyed Dad’s exciting career.

In a text to him later she had this to say,

“We really enjoyed dinner with y’all”  She’s Texan through and through!

“Of course…it was free!” texted blue eyed Dad.

“He really wants to get a beer with you and just have you brag the whole time,” she t-plied about her date.

“Kind of like getting a beer with you?”

“Yes, exactly!” Texted a super confident Daughts.

“Like father like daughter,”

“Loves to drink, loves to brag…” she has him nailed or was that herself she was nailing?!

“Tell him it was just my cover, I really worked for the CIA,” her Dad joked and added a caution befitting his current job,

“Never drink and drive.  To drink and brag is OK.  To drink and drive is nay OK.”

“Throwing in some life lessons, typical…”  Hah!  Sussed!

Goodbye Texas!

Hello Florida!


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